Write Pass Draw

I’ve used Write Pass Draw before, but with out the draw… The students would write the first line of a story and pass the paper.  The next student would write the second line, fold the first so it can’t be seen, pass the paper and the next kid would read just sentence #2 and write the third sentence and so on.  Turns out…it’s not that much fun.  It always seemed like a good idea (one of my own teachers did this activity with us and it was a blast!) but kids would often make up words they didn’t know (let’s just stick an accent on an English word and it will be French!) or spell things so wrongly that the next kid didn’t know what was written there!  It was a flop.  Every once in a while I would try again, because I had had so much fun as a student with the same activity- but nope. Now that I think about it….it was an English class…and it was a fun way to write poetry….not a language class.  That makes so much more sense!

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of discussion on Write Pass Draw in various listservs and blogs lately that I thought I would try that for a retell activity today instead of what I have been doing.  They loved it!  I gave each student a different sentence from the story they told yesterday, and we had typed up to read on the screen.  That went in the first box.  They passed, drew, folded, passed wrote… all with the story on the screen in the front to help with vocabulary.  (There are some spelling mistakes still, but I didn’t see any Franglais, so big improvement) We didn’t get to the last box today, but they BEGGED (not kidding.  S’il vous plait Madaaaaammmmmmeeee!  was pulled out several times!) to be able to finish on Monday.  I call success!  Thank you for the template Martina!  It made the activity so much easier to explain too (I probably would have just used a blank piece of paper otherwise.)

I especially love that they were reading and rereading the text for input.  It seems like and output activity, but they really were into searching for the right words in the text.  So awesome because usually they feel like once they’ve read it, they’re done and can just skim.  This allowed for very careful reading.  Definitely going to be an activity I include more often (but not too much!  Don’t want to wear it out!)


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